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      2. About MPS < Micro-Power Scientific Ltd >
        The MPS < Micro-Power Scientific Ltd > was established in Beijing in 2001. Provide best sales and service, solution and technical support to Semiconductor, and Electronics field in China market. 
        From 2002 on, MPS expand continuously to set up sales , service and technical support  center in Hongkong, Shanghai, Suzhou,Shenzhen,Chengdu,Xian,  Wuhan and Yantai . Recently, Micro-Power Suzhou Demo and 3D packages Center was set up on March, 2017 ,in order to improve and increase response time for potentials and users, also provide comprehensive support to all customers.
        • CIOE 2022 Exhibition
          CIOE 2022 Exhibition
          Date:Sep 7th 2022 to Sep 9th 2022
          Address: Shenzhen world Exhibition & Convention Center

          Our Booth: 7B77

        MPS lab has a large number of prototype micropackage and FA test display, for customers to do operational demonstration,training, process evaluation ,OEM co-operation and Selling.

        F&S 53xxBDA Semi-auto wire bonder
        17~50μm Ball-Wedge bonding
        17~75μm Au/Al   Deep Access Wedge-Wedge bonding
        25x12.5um~250x25um Ribbon bonding

        F&S 5330 Semi-auto wire bonder
        17~75μm Au/Al Wedge-Wedge bonding

        F&S 5350 Semi-auto wire bonder
        100~500μm Heavy wire bonding
        F&S 58xx Automatic bonder
        5810 for 17~50μm Ball-Wedge bonding
        5830 for 17~75μm Wedge-Wedge bonding

        F&S 5600CS Automatic bond tester
        Up to 100g Pull test

        Up to 1kg Pull test
        Up to 500g Shear test
        Up to 5kg Shear test

        Tresky DE T6000-L/G
        Automatic Die bonder

        Tresky SW T3000-Pro
        Manual Die bonder

        Dage4000plus bond tester
        Up to 10kg Pull test
        Up to 100kg Shear test

        Yxlon Cougar SMT X-ray Inspection system

        Amada SM8500 parallel seam welding system

        ATV Sro700 Desktop Vacuum Reflow Oven
        Up to 450℃ Heating Temperature

        ATV Sro714 Vacuum Reflow Oven

        Up to 450℃ Heating Temperature
        With Flux Mode